Hoplite Consulting
Information Security Consulting


Passion. Experience. Diligence.

Our Company

In order  for businesses to protect their internal and customer data, they must understand the risks and vulnerabilities affecting their external and internal systems. Hoplite can help identify these risks and vulnerabilities.  We help companies from all industries carry out their cybersecurity roadmap by performing technical security assessments. These assessments allow our clients to get a holistic view of their security posture. The results of these engagements provide clients with business context behind our technical findings. This approach allows our clients to take proper steps around remediation. 

Our goal is to help you identify the root cause of your issue. We strive to become a true partner with your Information Technology or Information Security teams and provide you the value you expect in an assessment. Our passion lies in being a true advisor to your company.

Our People

Our consultants have experience working in hundreds of different networks that have brought them all around the world. These different perspectives give a unique view into your network and will allow us to provide you with a benchmark of where you stand in your respective industry. 

Our consultants have access to the most advanced industry leading tools. Employees are required to continue education by participating in trainings and certifications.  In addition, they are also encouraged to attend world renown conferences to stay current on the ever-changing vulnerability landscape.


Our Mission

To provide tailored security services to our clients that will secure their network infrastructure, educate the community of the importance of a secure business, and be a market leader in the information security consulting field.